How much cost to study in Europe

Study in Europe

Do you want to study in Europe but not ensure the accurate cost you will spend? Here are the estimation guides on the cost that you need to spend when you study in Europe.

  1.    Austria.

The average tuition cost per year is free for domestic or EU students and cost around US$850 per semester for international students at all levels. The average living cost while a study in Austria is around US$13.500 per year. For students from the European Union, you can get free to study in Austria unless you take more than 2 semesters longer than the standard amount of time to complete your course. In this case, you will need to pay fees around €363.50 per semester.

  1.    Belgium. The average tuition fees are around US$1.060 per year for EU students and around US$4.900 per year for non-EU students. These costs apply for all students’ level. The average living cost in Belgium is around US$ 11.950 to US$13.350 per year.
  2.    France. The average tuition cost per year is around €170 for EU/EEA student for the most undergraduate program in public universities. The cost is € 243 for master program, €380 for a doctoral program. For private universities, charge cost may apply.  The average living cost starts from US$11.500 per year.
  3.    Germany. The average tuition cost is free for all students at undergraduate level and Ph.D. level in public universities and for non EU students need to pay tuition fees start from US$3000 per year. For the student who fellow the non-consecutive master program in Germany will need to pay the US $23.400 per year. The average living cost is US$11.900.
  4.    The United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is home for impressive selection universities. The annual tuition fees start from £9000-£10.250 for domestic or EU students at the undergraduate level, start from £10.000 for international students abroad of the EU. The international student expects to pay US14.000-42.000 for master degrees. The average living cost is US$16.000 per year.

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