The option of scholarship in Europe for Indonesian

europe scholarship

If you are looking europe scholarship, there are many options that you can find through the Europe country you purposed to apply.

Switzerland scholarship

  • ETH Zurich Excellence master scholarship program. This is the merit-based scholarship that available for students that desire to pursue the master degree in ETH Zurich.
  • Swiss Government Excellence scholarship for foreign scholars and artist. This is a merit-based scholarship for international students that take the postgraduate level to take study in certain Switzerland institution that selected.
  • UNU Fellowship in international organization MBA Merit scholarship. A scholarship for a student to study at the University of Geneva in the MBA program.

Study in Spain

  • Zaragoza logistic center. Provide several scholarships that admitted to students of master logistics and related courses at this research institute.
  • Netherlands
  • Amsterdam merit scholarship for excellent international students. The merit-based scholarship to study at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Anne van den ban scholarship for developing countries in Wageningen University. This is a scholarship for international students that come from developing countries to study food, agriculture or any environment-related program master level on Wageningen University.
  • Holland scholarship. This is a scholarship available for a non-EEA international student to take study in participating universities in the Netherlands in a bachelor or master degree.
  • Orange Tulip scholarship program. Nuffic-funded scholarship for students that come from developing countries from Latin America and Asia such as Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico.

To study anywhere in Europe

If you are looking for a wider opportunity as international student’s scholarship in Europe, then this scholarship can be a great opportunity. This is a scholarship that provides for international student and available in such Europe universities.

  • com. this is a scholarship for the master degree for all international students in any European university.
  • Erasmus Mundus scholarship. This is a scholarship that initiative led by the European Commission to provide funding to all students over the world to the selected institution.

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